How to make a custom calendar in minutes

how to make a custom calendar in minutes

photos of friends, loved ones, a football or volleyball match, to make an original gift to your friends or yourself. Nothing easier

I remember that until a few years ago, the choice of the calendar never made me satisfied. In my house the calendar must never be missing but, perhaps because I am of difficult tastes, or perhaps because calendars are often classic and I find them so boring and full of advertising or because I wanted a sexy calendar and I was ashamed to buy it, moral is that in the end I always fell back on any one that was given to me in the shops where I bought meat for example or any other shop.

In the end I found here, in a few steps, and completely free of charge, everything I needed. You will find the link to get started here immediately below and I will explain the simple operation.

first you choose the year for which you want to create the calendar. The starting point is the current year but you can change it.

Then one by one compose the months with the photos you want to match for each one. You click on each of them and you start looking, entering in the search box, what you want, nature, women, men, food, the only limit is your imagination. You choose the chosen photo and immediately a preview of the month will be shown with the photo. If you are not satisfied with the result of the photo, you can delete it and choose another one, until you find the one you like best. Here is an example

To be sure of the result, there is one last thing to do before sending it to print.

It may be that you like what you see but then in print you do not, so it is better to choose the "print preview" item from the browser you are using. usually under the heading file but this depends on how each browser organizes its menu. You will be shown what it will print and you will be sure.

Someone could object by saying "well but the photos I want, there are not here", it is not a problem since anyone can easily create their own album and put in the photos they want, then once created, go back to the link of creation of a personalized calendar and search for them with the procedure already explained.

Another objection (I have also asked myself in the past) is that certain personal photos do not want to share with other people and make them visible. This is not a problem either as once created, the album will have draft status which means visible only to you and no one else. So have fun customizing your personal calendar