Prima e Seconda Guerra Mondiale in inglese: riassunto

Prima e Seconda Guerra Mondiale in inglese: riassunto

The causes of Second World War

The most important causes of the Great War were imperialism and nationalism which created tension between the states and led arming themselves. The leadership of Germany in military organization and naval fleet had to worry the other powers of Europe. The imperialism took place in Europe because many countries wanted new markets and new land for their population. The nationalism is the way of think that their country was the best and could win a war. The event which instigated the war was the kill of Francis Ferdinand, future king of Austria, by a Serbian nationalist.

THE GREAT WAR - Austria-Hungary was supported by Germany so it declared war on Serbia, but the latter was helped by Russia and France. This pressed Britain to declare war on Germany in 1914.

ENGLAND In this period king George V changed the name of the royal family to Windsor. The First World War was called the Great War because it was the largest and costliest conflict in the history where over ten million people died. The nearest Sunday to 11 November is Remembrance Sunday in which Britain commemorates the people killed in all wars.

US The president of the USA Woodrow Wilson declared his country neutral, in fact it was very difficult to take one side because the population was mixed. After many attacks by German u-boot the public opinion changed and the USA declared war on Germany and this was very important because thanks to the USA the Germans surrendered seventy months later. Also Japan declared war on Germany, attaching the German colonies in Asia.

Initially Italy declared its neutrally because it had to interview only to defend Germany if it had been attached. After some accords, in 1915 Italy joined in the conflict with Britain and France.

After four years of horror Britain and the allies won the war. 

The post war period in England. In Europe the war took serious consequences, in fact there was a general unemployment and crisis. In England there was also the Irish question because the British Free State was created after Ulster became part of England.

The post war period in USA.

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Seconda Guerra Mondiale, riassunto dall’inizio della guerra alla cad...

Cause. Mire espansionistiche della Germania di Hitler(su Francia e Gran Bretagna);

Prosperity and social change. Since the end of the war US became the world's strongest power so the comfort of the people increased very much. For this motive this period is called "the roaring twenties. In fact the industries were producing more and more products and were creating new jobs for the people, so the cost of the life was going down. A lot of new invention like the radio and the motor car changed the people's life in better and an important role was taken by the publicity because the industries used it to promote their goods.


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Seconda guerra mondiale: riassunto cause

Il I settembre 1939 con l’aggressione della Polonia da parte della Germania, cominciò la seconda guerra mondiale

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Seconda Guerra Mondiale, il riassunto


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Riassunto della Seconda guerra mondiale

Nel 1939 la guerra era nell’aria