Jonathan Swift, riassunto

Jonathan Swift, riassunto

A journalism, poet, prose satirist, he was born in Ireland

He denounced institutions of his time and expressed all his hatred for mankind in general, although he was also capable of deep friendship ad concern for the poor.

Swift was born in Dublin, educated at trinity college. He wasn't really a model student and obtained his degree by special grace. He went to England, be was admitted to the household of sir William temple a Whig statesman. Swift remained temple's secretary for about ten years. After temple's death swift returned to Ireland. Like almost all the literal men of his time, he was involved in the struggle between the Whigs and the Tories.

JONATHAN SWIFT RIASSUNTO BREVE - At first he sided with the Whigs but disappointed in hopes. He went over to the Tories. Unfortunately on the death of queen Anne his tory friends fell into disgrace and his hopes were once more frustrated. Meanwhile vanilla had entered in his life. She loved him passionately until her death. Swift never recovered from her death. An infection in his left ear grew worse and he had frequent attacks of dizziness. His melancholy deepened. Ha was paralyzed by a stroke and he died utterly insane.

Many myths have been created about swift's hated for mankind because of personal frustrations and misanthropic character. He was a disturbed person but he was also capable of profound feelings as demonstrated by his love for Vanessa and by his concern for the Irish poor.

Swift's literally production include most important works: literally satire, religious satire, political satire, a modest proposal and his masterpiece Gulliver's travels.

JONATHAN SWIFT RIASSUNTO DELLA VITA - Swift made is name as a writer of prose. He was the greatest of the English pamphlet-writers. Swift differs from the other satirists by the transgressive nature of his satire. He seems ferociously subversive and his satire is mix with sarcasm, vituperation and crashing irony destructive. Swift's typical tactic is to disguise his satire form a fable.

JONATHAN SWIFT, GULLIVER'S TRAVELS - Gulliver's travels is written in the form of the books of voyages. One of swift's favorites techniques is to mention the unmentionable and frequently shocking to the reader. A modest proposal. Seems best to summarize swift's irony. Irony is the most powerful instrument of satire, difficult to use. Requires great skill. A modest proposal was inspired by the dreadful conditions swift found in Ireland when famine and starvation were widespread.

The climax of the pamphlet lies in the macabre proposal of producing babies for the meat marked and selling them as food. Swift takes the opportunity to attack the overpopulation. But he does not limit himself to denouncing the English exploitation of the island. He lays the blame on his own countryman oo who refused many reasonable proposals.

RIASSUNO IN INGLESE DEI VIAGGI DI GULLIVER - Gulliver's travels. Is divided into four books. Book 1: Gulliver, a ship's surgeon, begins by describing his shipwreck on the island of Lilliput, the inhabitants of which are dwarfs. He becomes involved in court intrigues and eventually helps of the Lilliputians in their was against the enemy island of Blefuscu. Then he ménages to return to England and his family.

Book 2: Gulliver sets sail for India but is set ashore by his crew on an unknown land where the inhabitants are giants. After becoming a kind of per for children he his eventually sold to the queen and has interesting conversations with the king. Finally he manages to reach England again.

Book 3: Gulliver sets out to sea for the third time but as a consequence of an attack by pirates, he has the opportunity to visit the floating island of laputa and its capital lagado where he meets philosophers and scientist who spend their lives in absurd research, without results. He meets people deeply unhappy because they can never die. The he goes back home again.